Finland Begins To Shape Basic Income Proposal

jones_supa writes: The Finnish social insurance institution is to begin drawing up plans for a citizens’ basic income model. If eventually deployed after an experimental phase, the model could revolutionize the Finnish social welfare system. Under basic income all citizens would be paid a taxless benefit sum free of charge by the government. The proposal’s director Olli Kangas says that the model would see Finns being paid some 800 euros a month in its full form, 550 euros monthly in the model’s pilot phase. The full-fledged form of the model would make some earnings-based benefits obsolete, but in the partial pilot format benefits would not be affected, and housing and income support would remain as separate packages. We first mentioned this plan a few months ago, and at the start of the year touched on a program that tied a basic income program with the Fimkrypto cryptocurrency.

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