Feds: Your Employer Can’t Stop You From Recording Conversations At Work

schwit1 writes with news about a ruling by the National Labor Relations Board about your right to record conversations at work. The Huffington Post reports: “If you’re looking to catch your boss breaking labor law, that smartphone in your pocket might be your best friend, thanks to a new ruling from federal officials. On Thursday, the National Labor Relations Board ruled that upscale grocer Whole Foods cannot forbid employees from recording conversations or taking photographs at work without a supervisor’s permission. (Local laws, however, could still come into play in certain situations, as several states require the consent of two parties in order for a conversation to be recorded legally.) At the center of the case were stipulations in Whole Foods’ ‘General Information Guide,’ an employee manual laying out worker do’s and don’ts. The guide prohibited workers from taking photos or recording conversations inside a store ‘unless prior approval is received’ from a manager or executive, or ‘unless all parties to the conversation give their consent.’”

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