Ask Slashdot: Should This Photographer Sue A Hotel For $2M?

Unhappy Windows User writes: An Austrian photographer was contracted by the luxury [hotel] Sofitel in Vienna to photograph the bar with an amazing view over the skyline. He was paid for his time (4200 euros) and arranged a three-year internal usage contract for the photos. After the contract expired, he still found his photos being used — on external sites too. He is now suing for 2 million euros, based on each individual usage. My question is: Is this the real market value of his work…? It seems like the largest economic contribution to the work was from Sofitel, who allowed access to the property and closed it to customers. I don’t have any issue in a photographer wanting to be paid fairly for his work, and asking for perhaps double or treble the original price for the breach of contract to match what an unlimited license would have cost. [But] with this money they could have employed a professional for a month and automatically obtained full rights to the work…it seems like this guy is trying to take advantage of an oversight by a large corporation, never to have to work again.
Here’s the original article in German and an English translation, and it’s one of those rare cases where the copyright belongs to an individual instead of a massive entertainment conglomeration. But do you think the photographer should be suing for 2 million euros over this copyright beach?

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