The Next President Will Face a Cybercrisis Within 100 Days, Predicts Report

The next president of the United States will face a cybercrisis within 100 days, predicts report from analysts at Forrester. The crisis could come as a result of hostile actions from another country or internal conflict over privacy and security legislation, said Forrester analyst Amy DeMartine, lead author of the firm’s top cybersecurity risks for 2017 report, due to be made public Tuesday. From a report on CNBC:History grades a president’s first 100 days as the mark of how their four-year term will unfold, so those early days are particularly precarious, said DeMartine. The new commander in chief will face pressure from foreign entities looking to embarrass them early on, just as U.S. government agencies jockey for position within the new administration, she said. Cyberwarfare between Russia and the U.S. will escalate, and the U.S. government will respond in 2017, said DeMartine. [...] Chinese government hacking will continue in 2017, despite a joint agreement not to conduct cybertheft of intellectual property. The massive U.S. Office of Personnel Management breach, which exposed the records of millions of U.S government workers, has strained diplomatic relations between the U.S. and China, since the U.S. believes Chinese spies carried out the attack. Countries like North Korea and Iran have been building capabilities for offensive purposes and will likely try to hack public and private databases, said DeMartine.

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