Best Open Source Software Identified By InfoWorld Listicles

An anonymous reader writes: InfoWorld announced the winners of this year’s “Best of Open Source Software Awards” — honoring 68 different projects, spread across five categories. Besides the 15 best software development tools, they also recognized the best cloud computing software, machine learning tools, and networking and security software (as well as the best databases and analytics tools).

“Open source software isn’t what it used to be,” writes Doug Dineley, the site’s executive editor. “The term used to conjure images of the lone developer, working into the night and through weekends, banging out line after line of code to scratch a personal itch or realize a personal vision… But as you wend your way through our Bossie winners, you’re bound to be struck by the number of projects with heavyweight engineering resources behind them… Elsewhere in the open source landscape, valuable engineering resources come together in a different way — through the shared interest of commercial software vendors.”
More than 10% of the awards went to the Apache Software Foundation — 7 of the 68 — though I was surprised to see that five of the best software development tools are languages — specifically Kotlin, Go, Rust, Clojure, and Typescript. Two more of the best open source software development tools were Microsoft products — .Net Core and Visual Studio Code. And in the same category was OpenRemote a home automation platform, as well as Ethereum, which “smells and tastes like an open source project that is solving problems and serving developers.”

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