Vendor Tracks LinkedIn Profile Changes To Alert Client Employers

dcblogs shares a report from TechTarget: IT managers have long had the ability and right to monitor employee behavior on internal networks. Now, HR managers are getting similar capabilities thanks to cloud-based services — but for tracking employee activity outside of their employer’s network. A controversy and court fight is swelling over its potential impact on employee privacy. A San Francisco-based startup, hiQ Labs Inc., offers products based on its analysis of publicly available LinkedIn data. One is Keeper, which identifies employees at risk of being recruited away, and another is Skill Mapper, which analyzes employee skills. The profile data is collected by software bots. The clients of hiQ’s service may learn whether a LinkedIn member is a flight risk thanks to an individual risk score: high (red), medium (yellow) or low (green), according to court papers. LinkedIn is in court fighting this, but so far it’s losing. A federal judge recently took exception to the use of the CFAA in this case “to punish hiQ for accessing publicly available data.” The judge warned such an interpretation “could profoundly impact open access to the internet.”

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of this story at Slashdot.


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