Verizon Wants To Ban States From Protecting Your Privacy

DSLReports that Verizon sent a letter and white paper last week to the FCC, insisting that “the FCC has ample authority to pre-empt state efforts to protect consumer privacy, and should act to prevent states from doing so.” Verizon’s letter reads in part: “Allowing every State and locality to chart its own course for regulating broadband is a recipe for disaster. It would impose localized and likely inconsistent burdens on an inherently interstate service, would drive up costs, and would frustrate federal efforts to encourage investment and deployment by restoring the free market that long characterized Internet access service.” From the report: But there’s several things Verizon is ignoring here. One being that the only reason states are trying to pass privacy laws is because Verizon lobbyists convinced former Verizon lawyer and FCC boss Ajit Pai that it was a good idea to kill the FCC’s relatively modest rules. It’s also worth noting that ISPs like Verizon (and the lawmakers paid to love them) have cried about protecting “states rights” when states try to pass protectionist laws hamstringing competitors, but in this case appears eager to trample those same state rights should states actually try and protect consumers. Verizon makes it abundantly clear it’s also worried that when the FCC votes to kill net neutrality rules later this year, states will similarly try to pass their own rules protecting consumers, something Verizon clearly doesn’t want. “States and localities have given strong indications that they are prepared to take a similar approach to net neutrality laws if they are dissatisfied with the result of the Restoring Internet Freedom proceeding,” complains Verizon, again ignoring that its lawsuits are the reason that’s happening.

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