Alibaba Co-founder Says Many Americans ‘Want To Stop China’ From Upgrading Its Tech

With the threat of Trump’s ever-looming trade war with China and his administration’s sanctions on Chinese companies like ZTE, it’s hard to remember a more contentious period between the two countries in recent times. Adding fuel to the conversation, an Alibaba co-founder alleged that many Americans want to stop China from upgrading its technology and from becoming more innovative. From a report: Chinese media outlets have repeatedly asserted that American complaints about the tech sector are really just efforts to slow the country’s rise as a global power. “There’s nothing wrong with a country wanting to upgrade its own manufacturing sector, go higher tech, be more innovative,” Tsai said. “But then, from the Chinese perspective, what we’re seeing is there are a lot of people in America that want to stop China from doing that.” After three decades of producing low-end manufacturing goods, Tsai said, China recognizes the need to develop better technology, upgrade its manufacturing sector and focus more on value-added areas like robotics, aeronautics and high-tech medical equipment.

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