Tesla Will Open Its Security Code To Other Car Manufacturers

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced he would share the source code for Tesla’s car security software with other manufacturers, adding that it would be “extremely important” to ensure the safety of future self-driving cars. Engadget reports: Musk didn’t provide a timeline for availability, and you might not want to get your hopes up when it took years for Tesla just to post any source code. And this isn’t strictly a selfless gesture. If rival brands adopt Tesla’s approach, it could set an unofficial standard for connected car security that would look good from a marketing standpoint. The code could provide a boost to connected car security if and when it arrives. There are few common frameworks (technical or legal) for safeguarding networked vehicles, and security might not always be a top priority. This could give companies a baseline level of security that would save brands the trouble of developing an effective defense from scratch.

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