Bethesda Blocks Resale of a Secondhand Game

theshowmecanuck writes: Bethesda just pulled a cease and desist on an Amazon Marketplace sale of one of their games. This, despite the fact that the resale of used games is legal in the USA. Bethesda is saying that because it isn’t being offered with a warranty, it is not protected through the First Sale Doctrine. UPDATE: The game in question was sealed and unopened, technically not “used,” but being sold secondhand. In a letter sent to the seller by Bethesda’s legal firm, they made the argument that the sale was not “by an authorized reseller,” and was therefore “unlawful.” Bethesda also took issue with the seller’s use of the word “new” in selling the unwrapped game, claiming that this constituted “false advertising.”

Bethesda offered the following statement: “Bethesda does not and will not block the sale of pre-owned games. The issue in this case is that the seller offered a pre-owned game as ‘new’ on the Amazon Marketplace. We do not allow non-authorized resellers to represent what they sell as ‘new’ because we can’t verify that the game hasn’t been opened and repackaged. This is how we help protect buyers from fraud and ensure our customers always receive authentic new product, with all enclosed materials and warranty intact. In this case, if the game had been listed as ‘Pre-Owned,’ this would not have been an issue.”

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